Folk Cricket

September 21, 2020

Why we started Folk Cricket and what this means to us as a brand, going forward
Cricket | 60 matches | 54 days | Primetime telecast |  City/State fan clubs | Dhoni - There can not be a better platform for one to put their brand out there. Welcome to the other side of Indian Premier League (IPL).

Sponsoring a team or the IPL, in any limited capacity even, is a mammoth expense. Not all businesses are gifted with such budgets. And neither are we at LastBench. But, given that we are all cricket fans and wanted to be part of the action, we pondered over this question for a while. We sure didn't want to miss the bus.

One thing we have been consistent at LastBench is producing awesome in-house content. It was clear that we had to go down the path of doing something that is different, creative and make viewers think and have a bit of fun. We decided we will do something that will be artistic. It had to define us; define LastBench.

We came up with a list of wacky ideas to create surreal posters of our favourite players. We then went about imagining cricketers as mythical characters. And that's when we came up with an out of the blue sketch of Kohli as a Gombey Aatta character. The idea started getting a better shape. We zero'd in one what we'd do - fuse traditional arts from different states of India and their respective cricket players and IPL teams. And thus was born, Folk Cricket.

The list of state art forms we decided to go ahead with were:

  • RCB | Karnataka - Togalu Gombey Aatta
  • SRH | Andhra Pradesh - Cheriyal Painting
  • CSK | Tamil Nadu - Bommalattam (did consider Tanjore painting initially)
  • KKR | Kolkatta - Kalighat Painting
  • MI | Maharashtra - Warli Art
  • Kings XI | Punjab - Phulkari Art
  • RR | Rajasthan - Phad Painting
  • Delhi - Zari & Zardozi

Our initial sketches started like this

It evolved into this

And finally took this shape. We invite you to take a look at the inspiration behind each avatar we designed. You can also download these posters and cover photos we had designed for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Share these with your family, and friends. And don't forget to tag us, Show us some love ❤️

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