Why we launched our podcast

August 19, 2020

A short reflection on what prompted us to start our own podcast channel and what this means to us.

Age of Content

It is the age of content. Every brand wants to create content that resonates with its audience and that which will bring them more audience. A lot of brands usually associate themselves with one or two forms of content, largely, such as videos or animations or posters (social media creatives). 

Snackable content - not in just one format

But, As LastBench, we wanted to explore various formats with the sole purpose of engaging and relating with you. We didn’t want to restrict ourselves with just one form of content.  

We are also learning as a team, experimenting with different forms - videos, motion graphics, interviews, as part of internal content. We have tried to consistently put out high quality, creative and engaging content out there and want to be able to continue doing it, in a much better and more relevant manner.

And podcasts are a step in the way - to share and engage. 

Birth of LastBench Podcasts

Nikhil listens to a lot of podcasts and has always wanted to do one. We spoke about a few ideas on podcasts even before he could formally join LastBench. With our external commitments picking pace, we were not able to act on our interest in podcasts. Luckily, we were having a couple of weeks of downtime at work in August and that’s when I decided to push Nikhil to give his dream of Podcasts from LastBench, a real shot. 

The Tete-a-Tete Series (Season 1?)

Our objective with the first one is to shed light on a creative set of folks, people who pursue creativity and have a story to tell. You may know them already or not, but you’ll surely enjoy listening to it. Given the conversational and candid nature of these talks, we decided to call it Tête-à-Tête with LastBench. 

We launched our first episode - Atul Pinheiro; Building a community through content on August 18, 2020. Do give it a listen and let us know what you think? 


  • We intend to launch one every fortnight
  • Focus on people in the creative space/having a creative pursuit
  • Open to learning along the way and with the spirit of staying close to the objective of sharing interesting content

Authored by Sriram Sabhapathy

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