Cricket has a new look!

The internet is adorned with countless fan-made posters, celebrating our cricket heroes. As the new season of the Indian Premier League hits our screens, we wanted to bring a new flavour to the sport we love and worship.

Folk Cricket is a fusion of traditional arts from different states of India and their respective cricket players and IPL teams.

It is a fresh look. It is a bold look.
Folk Cricket takes a huge leap by breaking all traditions around cricketing posters and characters. This was born purely out of our passion for arts, cricket and creativity.

Folk Cricket intends to remain neutral as much as possible, but if you sense a tinge of CSK-winging, please excuse our founder, who breathes #yellove.

Cricket Meets Art

This is purely non-commercial and has been created to entertain you and bring a smile every time you come across one of our characters :-)

Expect to have fun over the next 50 days! For starters, if you are a CSK fan like a few of us, download these posters and cover photos we designed for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you want them on a cup or an A3 poster, take a look our Zwende collection for official Folk Cricket merchandise. :)

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