We tell stories

that matter.

We are LastBench, a boutique studio of artists, focused on crafting compelling narratives and building purpose-led brands.

Build brand narratives that help you stay ahead.

Through well-thought explainers, launch films, and culture pieces, we enable brands to be fresh, relatable, and new-age.

Social impact deserves sensitive storytelling.

We help social enterprises and non-profits amplify untold stories of their people, interventions, and outcomes.

LastBench Originals, where we tell our own stories.

Our creative playground where we explore new ways of expression
and tell tales that are close to our heart.

What we do?


Before we go into “What’s the story?”, we look at "Why this story?” - every story needs special attention to detail.


Our story jam sessions dig deep into the objectives, the messaging, and if you’re feeling adventurous, the medium too.


From script to storyboard, visual style to sound effects, we obsess about how it all comes together before we jump in.


Shoot. Illustrate. Animate. Edit. Send Draft. A few iterations here, some feedback there, your story is ready and out for delivery.

What drives us?
Our people.

Have a story?

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