We tried capturing our story, of what we do, how we do and wanted to give it a creative spin. This is us.

LastBench Studio was an outcome of the urge to tell good stories.

After chasing dreams of a well settled life, which included education from institutes such as SRCC and ISB, working in the corporate world for a decade, a happy marriage, house and a car; an epiphany drove our founder to his Ikigai - capturing stories of people.

When Sriram decided to pursue his passion in photography after a long corporate career, he started off as a freelancer working with nonprofits and development sector teams with photoshoots, to capture their work and impact. And soon, his initial work brought on needs from startups, where his background in business made him a go-to person to help articulate and narrate their journeys. As projects rolled in, collaborations with editors, film makers and designers started and LastBench Studio was born.

Ikigai, finding purpose

Let’s tell a story together.

We make video and photo essays that emote your brand’s story and help you engage better with your stakeholders.

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