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Vahan Brand Video

A very inspirational story about Asha, one of the few women working as a delivery agent in the city of Bangalore, sharing her story about how she fought all odds and found herself a job that she is in love with. This brand video we did for Vahan was made to create awareness around the positive impact Vahan has made in the lives of delivery partners by providing them with a platform to kickstart their career.
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Center for Effective Philanthropy

CEP is a US-based nonprofit that helps philanthropic funders assess and improve their intended impact. Their Grantee Perception Report (GPR) is an assessment that curates candid feedback from grantees and benchmarks this with funders all over the world. Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies (Bangalore) had participated in the GPR and received ratings in the top 1% of CEP’s overall comparative dataset for perceptions of trust. We collaborated with CEP to document RNP’s experience with trust-based philosophy and their practices that resulted in high perceptions of trust.
No items found. Climate School is an online climate school whose goal is to help a 100 Million people from all walks of life move into climate work. Solving for climate change would require a never-before assembled coalition of talent. After all, it takes a planet to save a planet. As their creative partners, we are pleased to have defined and produced a brand video that that reflects their focus of: (A) building a global community of climate change-makers, (B) creating an exceptional mentor-network for learners, and (C) nurturing an online learning experience of everything climate.
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As part of their Women's Day campaign, Bosch India reflected on how stereotyping begins at a young age—at play, home, school, and at work. We took our inspiration from the lives of Gunjan Saxena, MS Subbulakshmi, Hima Das, and Malala Yousafzai Yousafzai as women who didn't succumb to the stereotype. The world has moved on; have you caught on?
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Uable Brand Story

We had a great time collaborating with Uable on this project and getting a firsthand look at what learning would look like in the future. This is a fun little pitch video we made to help explain what they do in an amazing way. Uable is a platform for kids to explore their creative side and push their imagination to the next level.
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Learning never stops

Schools have never been challenged this hard in the past. It is commendable how Ekya Schools decided to embrace this situation and make the best out of it. This is a video highlighting learning programmes being carried out virtually and how Ekya Schools provides it to students in a way that they find this transition seamless. This project had us coming out of our comfort zone and had us reminding ourselves that learning, indeed never stops.
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Behind the scenes story of a leading online video-making SaaS start-up. Unlike other start-ups, Rocketium's modus operandi is very unique, rooted to its culture of valuing people's time, being extremely productive and helping employees grow to achieve more. A one of a kind video, this was shot spontaneously during the course of a few days with them, tracking their different activities.
“Behind this video is incredible attention to detail, multiple brainstorming and recording sessions, and a constant stream of ideas from the team. This created massive awareness about Rocketium - 29K views, 500+ reactions, and 300+ connection requests from candidates, investors, and partners.”
- Satej Sirur, Founder
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Craftizen Foundation

A high-impact one minute story video showcasing people who create magic by turning temple flowers into eco-friendly Holi colours. An initiative by Craftizen Foundation to generate livelihoods for persons with intellectual disability and at the same time working on eco-friendly and sustainable celebrations.
“With over half million views and thousands of shares, our Holi video went viral and helped us triple our sales numbers this year. Our website crashed due to the unprecedented traffic!”
- Mayura Balasubramanian, Founder
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A product offering video of a growing urban landscape organization based out of Bangalore. Together with YGC, we conceptualised & ideated the story, scripted and storyboarded a strong narrative, shot over a few days with their partners and lastly launched this video to bring out their story.
“Prior to the video, we had trouble showcasing our range of products and services to potential clients. We met Sriram to find a solution to this and the end result turned out to be much more. It not only describes who we are, but also captures the motivation behind our efforts and the impact it has on our clients. The video has done wonders for our brand recognition.”
- Saumya Tiwari, Co-Founder

Celebrating Blossoms

Growing up in Bangalore meant experiencing books the way Blossoms curated them. Celebrating Blossoms is our heart-felt tribute to the city’s iconic bookstore. We produced this four-part series to document the journey of Mr. Mayi Gowda, the face behind the store’s meteoric rise; from his little book-spread on the pavement to mutlistoried outlets of literary treasures on Church Street. The documentary was released as a homage to 20 years of Blossom Book House.

Folk Cricket

We are from a generation that religiously worshipped Cricket. So when the opportunity came to celebrate the true festivity of IPL, we took it. What started as posters of star players from IPL teams quickly turned into a viral sensation, bringing features from Star Sports, and IPL teams themselves. Folk Cricket inspired us to bring together cricket and local folk art, spawning avatars of Virat Kohli in the Togalu Gombeyata artform, and Sanju Samson as a Phad Painting.


Hangout was our first animated film—a little something we worked on when the world went into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The film helped us reminisce about the ups and downs of the year that was 2020, highlighting what we saw, heard and felt.

Pass The Menu

You would guess it by now—our internal projects orbit around the things we love. And since our days revolve around what we want to eat next, we figured to put a camera behind that decision-making. That brought us to our next series, Pass The Menu, a fun take on today’s food shows, restaurant opinions and internet culture. Our breakfast edition streams on YouTube and IGTV.