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Vahan Brand Video

A very inspirational story about Asha, one of the few women working as a delivery agent in the city of Bangalore, sharing her story about how she fought all odds and found herself a job that she is in love with. This brand video we did for Vahan was made to create awareness around the positive impact Vahan has made in the lives of delivery partners by providing them with a platform to kickstart their career.
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Craftizen Foundation

A high-impact one minute story video showcasing people who create magic by turning temple flowers into eco-friendly Holi colours. An initiative by Craftizen Foundation to generate livelihoods for persons with intellectual disability and at the same time working on eco-friendly and sustainable celebrations.
“With over half million views and thousands of shares, our Holi video went viral and helped us triple our sales numbers this year. Our website crashed due to the unprecedented traffic!”
- Mayura Balasubramanian, Founder
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Ibtada, Alwar

Ibtada is an NGO that works to address the backwardness of women and children in the Mewat region of Rajasthan. The region suffers extreme social and economic backwardness due to lack of resources, awareness, education, health and poor gender status. Ibtada empower Communities, especially women, to play an influential role in reducing social and economic poverty and inequality. Our engagement's purpose was to capture photographs of action from the field. While Ibtada has been in operation for over 20 years, powerful visual stories has not been something the organization has been able to invest effort in. This engagement was done pro-bono as an appreciation of the efforts of a highly credible grassroots organization.
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Whitefield Ready

Something different is happening at this Government School in Ramagondanahalli. Check out the video to learn about what's so unique about the school and how they achieve it.
Totally delighted with Sriram’s work. He has captured the beautiful expressions on the Children’s faces in a way that no one else could have. His pictures and videos are truly precious.
Sumedha, Founder
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Key Education Foundation

Key Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working to ensure quality early childhood education for all children. We captured some photographs of one of their flagship classrooms in the Government School, Immadihalli (Whitefield), Bangalore. This project was executed probono as part of our yearly inititiative of supporting few upcoming and impactful non-profit organizations.

Uable Brand Story

We had a great time collaborating with Uable on this project and getting a firsthand look at what learning would look like in the future. This is a fun little pitch video we made to help explain what they do in an amazing way. Uable is a platform for kids to explore their creative side and push their imagination to the next level. Climate School is an online climate school whose goal is to help a 100 Million people from all walks of life move into climate work. Solving for climate change would require a never-before assembled coalition of talent. After all, it takes a planet to save a planet. As their creative partners, we are pleased to have defined and produced a brand video that that reflects their focus of: (A) building a global community of climate change-makers, (B) creating an exceptional mentor-network for learners, and (C) nurturing an online learning experience of everything climate.

Learning never stops

Schools have never been challenged this hard in the past. It is commendable how Ekya Schools decided to embrace this situation and make the best out of it. This is a video highlighting learning programmes being carried out virtually and how Ekya Schools provides it to students in a way that they find this transition seamless. This project had us coming out of our comfort zone and had us reminding ourselves that learning, indeed never stops.

Behind the scenes story of a leading online video-making SaaS start-up. Unlike other start-ups, Rocketium's modus operandi is very unique, rooted to its culture of valuing people's time, being extremely productive and helping employees grow to achieve more. A one of a kind video, this was shot spontaneously during the course of a few days with them, tracking their different activities.
“Behind this video is incredible attention to detail, multiple brainstorming and recording sessions, and a constant stream of ideas from the team. This created massive awareness about Rocketium - 29K views, 500+ reactions, and 300+ connection requests from candidates, investors, and partners.”
- Satej Sirur, Founder


A product offering video of a growing urban landscape organization based out of Bangalore. Together with YGC, we conceptualised & ideated the story, scripted and storyboarded a strong narrative, shot over a few days with their partners and lastly launched this video to bring out their story.
“Prior to the video, we had trouble showcasing our range of products and services to potential clients. We met Sriram to find a solution to this and the end result turned out to be much more. It not only describes who we are, but also captures the motivation behind our efforts and the impact it has on our clients. The video has done wonders for our brand recognition.”
- Saumya Tiwari, Co-Founder

SSIR is the largest R&D Center outside of South Korea and a key innovation hub in the Samsung group. With the best of talent from India and overseas, SSIR creates cutting edge technologies across multiple areas, that transform experiences of users globally. For a global team of young and experienced talent, working out a state-of-the-art new office space, this video focuses on the unique workplace ethos and work-culture.

Ariano (a music-tech startup) approached us at prototype stage with a need to create a pitch video for them. It is a little unusual for organizations as early as this to invest in videos; while the product is being built/tested, their story is evolving by the day and many other operating constraints. But, we loved this challenge and wanted to do everything we could to bring to life their story under a super tight timeline.
“They were quick to align on the requirements of the project and had established thorough research on the subject at hand. Their spontaneous guidance helped get us off to a great start and provided comfort in capturing what we wanted to say.”
- Arul, Founder

Corporate video of an entity manufacturing 100% natural ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry, involving an industrial scale shoot and production.
“We were delighted that we worked with LastBench for our first corporate video. Their keen interest towards understanding our objectives and the manufacturing process made the shoot & editing a simple and fruitful exercise. The video has allowed us to break ice with many new customers and has been a wonderful tool for our marketing objectives.”
- Harsh Kataruka, Director