Nothing is more memorable than a stroll down Church Street, coffee at Indian Coffee House and a walk to Cubbon Park - but wait, something’s missing.

Introducing our next passion project: a four-part documentary that celebrates the man behind Bangalore’s most cherished bookstore, Blossom Book House. Affectionately referred to as Blossoms. From the streets of MG Road to an iconic landmark, join us as we unravel Mayi Gowda's journey, page by page, chapter by chapter.‍

Concept by
Sriram Sabhapathy
Directed by
Nikhil Suresh
Sriram Sabhapathy
Produced by
Sriram Sabhapathy
Nikhil Suresh
Jobin Jayan
Sriram Sabhapathy
Edited by
Nikhil Suresh
Editing Supervisor
Shashank Ganesh
Coloured by
Karthik (Editroom)
Niranjan Kotukkal
Visuals and VFX
Raaj Rufaro

Coffee Table Book

Folk Cricket Book

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
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